Monday, 2 May 2016

A Special Talent

A Special Talent (Poem)
There is a special talent
Deep down inside each and everyone’s heart
My talent is different so is yours
A talent is what makes you unique
A talent should never be brought up forcefully
It should always be given naturally
The talent of you knows when to shine
You just have to wait and see.

How I got to know my special talent...
In my previous school they hosted a writing contest. The student who wins will have their story, article or poem in the school magazine. That night, I wrote one story and one poem (in the computer). The next day my father printed out my story and poem. The next day was the  contest. My class teacher agreed that my story and poem should go on the school magazine. The others thought that I printed a story from the computer. Even  the principle teacher did not believe it. I was so angry. They disqualified me. That is when I got to know my talent. If they thought I printed my story from internet, it means it was so good!