Saturday, 23 December 2017

Princess Angelina Discovers a Star | Chapter – 11 Mission Accomplished

“Captain! When should we pour the oil?” Barry asked.

“In 3, 2, 1, Pour the oil,” Kathy commanded.

As they poured the oil a sparnacle shook and went off.

“Mission accomplished,” Joe said.

“Everybody the mission is done,” Captain Ariel said.

“Yay,” Shouted the children.

“Barry! Joe!! report to the great hall right now, we have to talk to Leo,” Captain Ariel ordered.

“So, how did it go?” Leo asked.

“Mission Accomplished Captain,” Captain Ariel said.

“How did you do it?” Leo asked in awe.

“Captain! we found out that oil irritates sparnacles so we added some more oil and it worked,” Joe said.

“Tell me exactly how much you used,” Leo said.

“What are the decimals of pi again, Emily?” Barry asked.

“3.1415926,” Emily said.

“Yes, we used 3.1415926 liters of oil,” Angelina said.

“See that board over there, that will record the number of missions you have accomplished,” Leo said.

“Thank you Ariels,” Said Leo.

“Over the galaxy and out of the galaxy!!!” they said in unison.

“Yeah, Mom! What do you want for your birthday?” Emile asked.

“A good breakfast in bed could help!” Jessie said.

“Ingredients please,” Emily said opening a word document in her hologramix.

“A spot of tea and anything else that comes to your mind would be good,” Jessie said.

“Jessie! I recommend you to try interstellar yellow tea,” Ariel said.

“Well, then interstellar yellow tea it is!” Jessie said smiling.

“Aunty! we can have a picnic if you want,” Angelina said.

“Yes, Angelina!” Jessie said.

“I will arrange a picnic at planet Dimondus,” Angelina said.

“Thank you, Angelina!” Jessie said.

“You’re Welcome, Aunty!” Angelina said.

“Mom permission to...” Angelina started.

“Permission granted, but you have to take Emily with you,” Captain Ariel said.

“Thank you, mother!” Angelina said.

“You’re Welcome!” Kathy said.

“Good night, everyone!!” said the girls in unison.

“I and Emily are going to do some late night research,” Angelina said.

“Buenos noches chicos!” the girls laughed.

“What does that even mean?” Emile asked.

“It means, Good Night Boys!” Angelina said.

Angelina and Emily got to their room.

“Okay, How about this?” Angelina asked Emily.

“Galactic Cookbook…” Emily read, “Hmm… Okay let’s purchase it”.

“But how?” Angelina asked.

“By asking dad and uncle, of course,” Emily said.

“Europa! Can you please send us a picture of the map to Barry’s and Joe’s room, please?” Angelina said.

“The map must have reached you by now, Angelina,” Europa said.

“Time to go ask dad,” Emily said.

Once they reached the bedroom door they started thinking that they shouldn’t have come here in the first place but then this happened:

“What a wonderful idea!” Barry said.

“Yes, a great idea but how much does it cost?” Joe asked.

“$ 10!!” the girls said.

“Ordered it!” Barry said.

“Take the escape pod of your room,” Joe said.

“To Mars? We know! We know!!” Emily said.

“Careful!” Barry said.

“And we’ve got this!” Joe assured.

“Buh-bye,” Angelina said, pulling Emily’s hand.

“Europa! Transform to escape pod,” Emily said.

“To Mars!” Angelina said.

“We have three books – ‘The Navigating Guide’, ‘Interstellar and Intergalactic’, ‘The Guardian of the Sword of Light,” Emily said.

“I’ll go with ‘Interstellar and Intergalactic’,” Angelina said, “I got the perfect DIY gift you can give her. See!” showing her this picture.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Princess Angelina Discovers a Star | Chapter – 10 Accepted

“Mission accepted, captain!” Captain Ariel said.

“Please do tell us the way you got rid of it because at this time of year the sparnacles are wild and crazy and are stuck to every single spaceship in the Milky Way galaxy,” The alien said.

“And I am Leo Metis,” said the Metis.

“This is to test if you’re ready,” said Leo.

“Captain Ariel! the universe depends on you,” said Leo.

“Over the galaxy and out of the galaxy,” said Leo.

“Things are strange out here,” said Emily.

“We’ll get used to it,” Joe said.

“I wanted to give this to you as a gift on the first day of intergalactic school but here…,” said Kathy giving them a ring.

“Mom! thank you, but me and Emily don’t like jewelry so very much,” Angelina said.

“It’s just not a regular ring, it has all the characteristics of an iPhone and a laptop,” Jessie said.

“Ways to get rid of sparnacles,” Emily searched and a hologram appeared.

Emily started, “This thing is …,” but was interrupted.

“Very Fragile!” Joe said.

“Okay, we have one source, it says Emma and the Sparnacles, it seems to be a story,” Emily read.

“I am in the mood for some pie and smoothies, anybody want some?” Emile asked.

“I do,” Adrian said.

“You guys continue the discussion. I’ll go ask Ariel to make us some pie and smoothie,” Emile said.

“Emile! You’re a genius!!,” Angelina shouted out loud.

“I am?! I am!” he said confidently.

“Decimals of Pi,” Angelina searched in her hologramix.

“3.1415926,” Angelina shouted out loud.

“Mom! we need 3.1415926 liters of oil,” Angelina said.

“Why?” Barry asked.

“When Emily searched for a cure it said that oil irritates sparnacles, so…,” Angelina paused.

“A lot of oil could shoo them off,” Emily finished.

“Right,” Angelina said.

“Ariel! can you please give us 3.1415926 liters of oil,” Jessie asked.

“Affirmative, Jessie!” said Ariel.

“Jessie! you asked for 3.1415926 liters of oil right? Here they are!” Ariel called up.

“Okay, Barry and Joe! you are going to spacewalk up to the top of the Royalinan and pour the oil. It’s as simple as that”.

“Agreed!” Barry said.

“Agreed!!,” Joe said.

“Ariels! time to do this,” Captain Ariel said.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Princess Angelina Discovers a Star | Chapter – 9 In the bags

In the bags were a book about the subject Cordeliamoon (The subject about the moons of Uranus), a book about Diemosoon (The subject about the moons of mars), a book about Nasoon (The subject about the moons of Neptune), Metismoon (The subject about the moons of Jupiter), Pandaroon (The subject about the moons of Saturn) and the rest of the subjects (believe me it’s a very long list) and also the time table and also really fancy equipment. And just to let you know, this is all for Angelina and Emily.

“What about us?” Adrian asked.

“We’ll go tomorrow,” Jessie said.

“Hey, look who’s good and happy now,” Kathy said.

“Yeah, mom you’re very brave,” Emily said.

Later that day:

“Good night,” Emily said.

“Em, you can’t just say good night when it’s a bad night”.

“What do you mean?” Emily asked frightened.

“Wake up and see”.

“What are these?”.

“Europa, please do a scan and tell us about these strange creatures,” Angelina said.

“These are known as sparnacles, Angelina,” Europa answered.

“What exactly are sparnacles, Europa,” Emily said.

“They are just like barnacles but are in space,” Europa said.

An alarm went off.

“That is the sparnacles alarm,” Europa said, “You better report to the meeting room”.

“Okay, what are these crazy creatures?” Adrian asked.

“Which is the research team?” Kathy said.

“Us,” The girls stepped up.

“Tell us what these creatures are right now, captain’s order!” Kathy said.

“Yes, mom,” Angelina.

“These are sparnacles. These are equivalent to barnacles but are in space,” Emily said.

The big screen sparked and got on.

“Captain Ariel! this will be your first mission, clear the sparnacles,” said an alien.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Princess Angelina Discovers a Star | Chapter – 8 The big day

“Okay, the big day has arrived, time to say goodbye to the earth,” Adrian said.

“She never grows up,” Kathy mused under her breath.

Jessie couldn’t help herself. She had to cry.

“Your daughter out there is packing up for school and you are crying!!!,” Kathy tried to console Jessie.

Antonio was crying just because his noble service was going to be over.

“Well, you just got over it and now Antonio and mom are crying,” Emily laughed.

They laughed together.

Antonio brought the documents which needed to be signed. One for King Barry, one for King Joe and one for each that they agreed to give up their royalty. Signed now. There was nothing other than the blast off that can get into their way.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blastoff.

Jessie cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried.

“Okay dad, where do we go first?” Emily asked.

“To planet Theriria, that is where you get your equipment for school,” Joe said.

“Okay, everyone! gather ‘round. I will tell you what is everyone’s job,” Joe announced.

“Barry! you’re on piloting and I am on mechanic, Jessie! you are on navigating duty and Kathy! you’re on captain’s duty, Emily and Angelina! you’re on information duty and lastly Adrian and Emile! you are on emergency duty,” Joe acknowledged.

“Okay, guys! tell me whatever you want and I will order it,” Barry said.

“Tissues, I put them all in the bin after wiping off my tears,” Jessie said.

“Lunch,” Emile said.

“And everyone! I forgot to tell you about Ariel, she is a common assistant she just gives us lunch in an order and also Ariel is our new last name. Technology is a lot more advance in space,” Joe said.

“So we just ask Ariel for lunch,” Adrian asked.

“Yes, Adrian. Do you want your lunch now?” Ariel said.

“Nope,” Adrian said.

“Okay, we’ve arrived at Theriria,” Barry said.

“Great!” Angelina said.

They went onto the planet with their space suits on.

“Excuse me! we are from Tristan Intergalactic School. Can you please give us the equipment for 2 girls of 5th grade?”

“Yep, Tristan Intergalactic School! and here is the map for the school,” The shopkeeper said while giving us 2 bags.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Princess Angelina Discovers a Star | Chapter – 7 Crying!?!

“We better start packing. If we don’t we will have to leave a lot of things behind,” Angelina said.

“Yep,” Emily said.

“Your cupboards are being carried by Antonio and a few other soldiers right now girls,” Europa alerted.

“Is it?!,” Emily asked surprised.

“Uh-huh,” Europa said, “You can pack a few essentials that everyone needs when they live in the Royalinan spaceship”.

“The Royalinan ship!?!,” they asked flabbergasted.

Quick introduction about the Royalinan:
The Royalinan has been launched once and is just like the Titanic and has just about everything even breathable air and gravity but it has only 2 models and one of them has been launched. It has a family inside it right now.

“And for your intergalactic school, we have to wait for it……… Tristan intergalactic school”.

“Tristan intergalactic school!?!,” The girls almost fainted by now.

Another brief introduction to Tristan intergalactic school:
Tristan intergalactic school is the best intergalactic school in the Milky Way galaxy and it would cost a fortune for just about anyone to get in and you have to pass through an extremely hard exam to get in.
“Europa! browse the history of Tristan intergalactic school and find out if Princess Lia is studying there,” Angelina said.

“That’s crazy Angelina! such an astro-forward princess wouldn’t even be in the,” Emily was interrupted.
“Princess Lia Peter Whitefield is residing in Royalinan too”.

By now the girls fainted.

They woke up finding themselves face to face with the clock. It was 8:00 pm already!!!

Europa had had everything packed up. There was only a tiny space left. Later on they went to see the spaceship and put their suitcases in the spaceship.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Princess Angelina Discovers a Star | Chapter – 6 Noooooooooooooooooo

The ground sank 10 foot down below and Joe said, “Everyone since we went to space I thought we could live there, so from now on we will live in space and we are going tomorrow. This place is a model of the spaceship we are going to live in and start packing up and getting ready for living a life time.”

“The place is big…… I like it,” Adrian said.

“Yeah, but what about our kingdoms, Joe?” Barry said.

“It will not be our kingdom if Frindburg and Enchantigo will be part of Verina,” Joe replied.

“We’re okay with it,” The queens said.

“Well, I guess,” Barry said.

“Okay, we’re listening,” said the girls.

“I love the earth,” Angelina said.

“You’ll love space even more,” Jessie said.

“What are the Verinian King and Queen do with this place,” Angelina asked.

“Knock it down,” Kathy said.

“Nooooooooooooooo,” Angelina got stressed out.

“Yessssssssssssssssssssss,” Emily finally agreed.

Emily took Angelina to their room in the model spaceship.

“Angelina, we have our own personal assistant, her name is Europa,” Emily said.

“Why did you say okay?” Angelina mused.

“We can continue our research in outer space and that is for the whole of our life,” Emily shrieked.

“You’re right,” Angelina said brightening up.

“Mom and aunt’s personal assistant’s name is Phoebe and Dad’s and Uncle’s personal assistant’s name is Deimos and the boys’ assistant’s name is Titan,” Emily said.

“Hey, aren’t those all names of moons?” Angelina asked.

“Yes, your majesty! Our names are kept according to planet where our metal was found,” Europa said.

“Europa! Please call us by our names. That’s how we will be addressed after giving up our royalty,” Emily said.

After going to Joe, Angelina said, “Okay, Uncle Joe! I will come to outer space”.

“Great, tomorrow meet me here at 8:00,” Joe said.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Princess Angelina Discovers a Star | Chapter – 5 A+

“A+,” They said in unison.

“As I thought,” Adrian mumbled.

“Okay, sis! Magic up a blue balloon, which is totally round and a green marker,” Emile said.

“And, sis! you got to magic a red marker, scissors and a red sheet of foam paper,” Adrian said.

“Ready, Lina?” Asked Emily.


“1, 2, 3,”

“Craftingoli,” They said in unison.

“Give us the things you don’t want,” Emily said.

“There we go,” They said giving the girls the things they didn’t want like glue, tape, etc.

“Goandicorand,” They said.

“Great, and we finished the globe,” Adrian said.

“Okay, let’s go to the map room,” Angelina said.

They set up the globe.

“Okay, now what?” Emile asked.

“We are exhausted, we are going to sleep,” Angelina said.

“Noooooooooooo,” Adrian yelled.

“Hey, that spell took up almost half of our energy,” Emily said.

“But its 6:00am already, you need to get ready for 6:30am,” Adrian reminded.

The girls slowly walked to their rooms and put on their best dresses and then freshened up, brushed their teeth, drank some milk, ate breakfast together with the family and reported to the great hall.

“As you know, I haven’t revealed the second surprise yet and I will reveal it now,” said Joe “Barry! Your footprint is needed to unlock”.

King Barry placed his foot in the middle of the room. The room started shaking, whatever it was, it seemed scary.