Saturday, 10 October 2015

Imaginary World

Chapter 1-The plan for the adventure
One day, my brother and I were feeling bored. I told my brother we can be explorers. We went in search of my map of the world.

Suddenly my brother Adhiyan said, "I found it."

So we sat down with the map and Adhiyan asked, "Which is the highest mountain in the world?"

I replied, "Mt. Everest".

So we decided to go to Mt. Everest first.

Next he asked, "Which is the longest river in the world?"

I replied "Nile".

So next we decided to go to Nile.
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Chapter 2-Packing for the adventure
We started packing up. I took a long box and put in the map, two combs and another comb for safety which we imagined as swords and my old school's id card and imagined it like a pouch of fairy dust. Adhiyan took some books in case we get bored while travelling. We took our dolls along with us - Anju and Adhi.

Chapter 3-Set up for the adventure
We stacked up cushions and pillows to make Mt.Everest so we had to imagine it was a mountain and a mat for Nile.

Chapter 4-Going to Everest
At last we went to the sofa which we imagined as an aeroplane. We took the map and started discussing. After that I read a book to Adhiyan, Anju and Adhi. We got past Mt. Everest. My brother pointed to it, we landed there and we climbed it up.

Chapter 5-Sword fight 
We had a sword fight at Mt. Everest. My sword almost fell down. Adhiyan's sword fell down so I won. Yay! It's okay because I gave the safety sword to him.

Chapter 6-Going to Nile
We had a good time at Mt. Everest. But we went to the aeroplane and we started discussing again. Then we played with our toys. At last we landed at Nile.

Chapter 7-Swimming race
We gave Adhi and Anju a swimming race. Adhi won this time. Yay! We all swam together.

Chapter 8-End of the adventure
Sad to go home. We decided to have a little fun. I gave some some fairy dust to Adhiyan and we flew back home.

-The End 

* This is a true story of what happened this morning.

Photo courtesy: The dad

Daddy the Hero

I met a little girl and asked -
"Do you know who is dad?"
"No, who is he?", she asked
"He wears shirt, coat and tie", I said
"If he is a hero, he has to have a cape to fly, super strength and many more powers", she said
"He is not a hero who has all these; he is a hero in heart", I told her
"I can't believe in you; prove me that he is a hero", she said
"OK, come on", I said and took her to my dad

She understood before I said, "see my proof"
She said, "my hero is fake and yours is real"

I just smiled at her and winked at my dad!

* The poem I wrote for my dad on his birthday, October 8th.