Saturday, 21 October 2017

Princess Angelina Discovers a Star | Chapter – 4 Agreed

“So you want to team up and set up a prank from our book?”, Adrian asked.

“Yes”, the girls sighed.

“But you will be breaking rule number 10”, Emile grinned.

“We know”, Emily said.

“Pranks are not a princess’s style”, they said.

“But we want to get them back more”, Angelina sighed.

“Lina, I never thought you would break the rules to just pull off a prank”, Adrian said amazed.

“Yeah, we thought you were too studious”, Emile said to Emily and Angelina.

“So…”, Angelina grinned.

“Agreed”, all the children said in unison while Emily shook hands with Adrian.

“Okay, we have the book in a secret location”, Adrian said.

“Where?”, Angelina asked curiously.

“Here”, Adrian revealed.

“And this is the key”, Emile smiled.

“Angelina, would you like the honor of opening it?”, Adrian asked.

“Not at all”, Angelina said super seriously.

“This was all your idea, remember”, Emily reminded.

She opened it and there it sat on a majestic table.

“When did you get this table, Adrian”, Emily asked.

“We are blue-blooded too”, Adrian said.

They picked up the book and started leafing through the pages.

“Emile, do you even know which prank we are going to play?”, Angelina asked.

“Nope, but I can tell you we will get one of the best pranks ever”, Emile said.

“Aha! The world map classic! Wait a minute, have you guys been practicing your Magicology?”, Adrian asked.

“Why do you ask?”, Angelina asked doubtfully.

“Or we can’t play the prank!”, Emile exclaimed dramatically.

(To be continued)

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Princess Angelina Discovers a Star | Chapter – 3 Punch you on the nose

“The surprise is……… there is a button hidden in every room, and… there is the surprise!” Joe said.

“We found the button. It has the flag of Frindburg and the flag of Enchantigo,” Angelina shrieked with excitement.

“Now run off to your rooms and find the treasure”, said Joe.

“Wait, did you do that for our rooms too?” Jessie asked.

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t, who knows?” Joe said craftily.

“Ugh, come on Joe! we are not babies”, Jessie said.

“Well, there is one right in front of me”, Kathy thought.

“I promise you will totally be furious at yourselves for believing me”, Joe said.

“What do you mean?” Kathy finally spoke up.

“You’ll see”, Barry said.

“You were into this too, Barry!?!” Kathy said furiously.

“Maybe I was”, Barry grinned.

In the girls’ room:

They pressed the button, a fist popped out and almost punched Angelina!

“We have to get them back”, Angelina said.

“But how?” Emily asked.

“Pranking 101”, Angelina said.

“You don’t mean…”, Emily said amazed, since Angelina was so very strict about the rules being followed.

“Yep, the one and only”, Angelina said confidently.

“But, that’s in the boys’ room”, Emily said.

“We’ll team up for once, they themselves must be furious”, Angelina said.

Meanwhile, in the queens’ rooms:

“Found it siiis”, shouted Jessie from the chair.

Both of them bravely pressed the button…………. Boinggg, out came the fist.

“We need to get them back”, Jessie said.

“Still so little, no, remember rule number 10, pranks are not a princess’s style”, Kathy reminded.

“Yes, but...” she was interrupted.

“No is no, okay?” Kathy said.

“If only mom lived near us but she’s all the way back in Texandus helping Olivia be crown princess”, Kathy thought.

Brief introduction to Olivia, mom of the queens and Texandus:

Texandus is the place where Kathy, Jessie and Olivia come from, their home. Kathy did not want to stay within four walls and wanted to expand into the world so she disagreed to rule Texandus and Jessie said she was going to do what she had to.  So, Olivia the only one left had to rule.

Queen Mia James Royalton is the daughter of an Empress and Emperor. She always liked Kathy’s attitude and her way of always following the rules and sensibility. She herself was a very sensible woman and was always the one who solves the problems in their kingdom (even when she was 5).

Princess Olivia James Royalton is the third daughter of Queen Mia James Royalton and also crown princess of Texandus, since Queen Mia and King James are too old she alone rules and is just 19.

In the boys’ room:

“How do we get them back?” Adrian asked.

Suddenly it hit him,

“Pranking 101”, they shouted in unison.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Princess Angelina Discovers a Star | Chapter-2 Messier than a Pig Sty

After 5-10 minutes they heard a neighing sound. “They are here! They are here!” Prince Adrian shouted.

The royal butler said, “Presenting King Joe, Queen Jessie, Princess Emily and Prince Emile of Frindburg”.

“Angelina!” Princess Emily shouted with joy.

Angelina pulled up her gown and bowed, telling her, “Remember rule number 1278”.

“Oh yes”, she remembered.

“Always bow when meeting royalty”, they said in unison.

Emile and Adrian rushed off to the shoe tree room. While Kathy and Jessie gracefully walked to the dress tree room, both the kings favored the map room where they could both look at spots to start trade.

“Want to go to the rule room there is volume 2 of the Book of Rules for a Queen-to-be?”, Angelina asked.

“Or we could go to the experimenting room”, Emily said.

“We can go to our bedroom first. It has a bunk bed!”

“Come on!”

They rushed to room number 12.

“This place needs a cleanup”, Emily said awkwardly.

“It’s messier than a pig sty” Angelina said.

They dusted the ceiling, set up a telescope, rearranged the bookshelf and fluffed the pillows.

“Hey, Angelina! Come here”, Emily said.

"A mystery to be solved after having a discussion with the royals”, the royal butler called up.

Everyone assembled at the great hall, everyone except Adrian and Emile.

“What is the name of your butler again?”, Joe asked.

“Antonio”, Barry replied.

“Antonio! Did you check on the Princes?”, Joe asked Antonio.

“Yes, your majesty! But they were not in the shoe tree room”, Antonio said.

“We know exactly where they will be”, Angelina and Emily said in unison.

“Please do go fetch them girls”, Queen Kathy said.

“Yes aunty”, said Emily pulling Angelina.

After fetching them, Joe said, “I am so very sorry that it took this long for us to arrive”.

“As you should be”, Adrian said.

“Adriannn!”, Kathy fumed under her breath.

“I will tell you my first surprise and tell you the second tomorrow morning 7:30 am sharp. Who misses it misses and never will know. So be punctual at least this once, boys.”

(To be continued)

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Princess Angelina Discovers a Star | Chapter-1 They’re coming! They’re coming!!

Once upon a time there lived a king and queen, King Barry and Queen Kathy, they had a daughter, Princess Angelina, and Princess Angelina had a brother, Prince Adrian.

One day when Angelina was reading for an enchanted science experiment (Enchanted science is a subject of Royalty)

While Adrian was reading a story,

Queen Kathy said, ”Children! Uncle Joe, Aunt Jessie and your cousins are coming. And, Angelina! you and Emily wanted to know a lot more about astronomy after their visit to outer space. They told they’re going to teach astronomy to you and also two other surprises for you, Adrian, Emily and Emile!”

“YES! YES!”, Adrian said jumping up and down. A bit of potion from Angelina’s experiment spilled!

“Thank goodness, that potion isn’t magical”, said Kathy, but Angelina wasn’t happy.

”That’s a very hard potion to make” she frowned.

“Alright, Children! time for dinner” Said Barry.

“Come on kids” Said Kathy.

They ate and went to bed.

Today the kids and adults went to bed at 4:00 pm. Because, their relatives were coming at midnight. The same day at 8:30 pm they got up and woke up the children “Angelina! get up”, said Kathy. Angelina rushed out of bed, brushed her teeth and came out dressed in her gown.

“Mom! let’s go wake Adrian”, said Angelina.

“Dad’s already on it” replied Kathy.

They all started doing their work. They finished the work at 9:00 pm.

“Let’s take the car”, said Adrian.

“No, the Flying Unicorns”, said Kathy.

“Why? What’s wrong with cars?”, asked Adrian.

“Adrian! Flying Unicorns fly, flying is a faster way to reach Mamantachus’s station”, replied Angelina.

“What if clouds get in our way?”, Adrian asked.

“We’ll go through them”, Angelina said.

They arrived at Mamantachus’s station at 12:00 am.

(To be continued)