Monday, 12 June 2017

The kindgom of mejora

Princess Valentina entered the gates, her personal assistant, Maria is waiting for her.

"Maria bow at your Princesa" Princesa Valentina said

"Lo Siento(sorry) Princesa " Maria said

"Està bien (It is okay)" Princesa said "Now assist me to my closet"

"Yes your grace" Maria said

When they entered her closet a butterfly sat on Princesa's hand.

"Ew get that of me" the princess said

The butterfly flew away from her hand and landed on the ground turning herself into a human.

"Princesa can I talk with you in private" the lady said

"Who are you?How did you get past Mariana?" Asked an angry Princess

"Who is Mariana?" The lady asked

"Maybe I should go Princesa" Maria said
"It might be something important"

"Okay" The Princess agreed

Maria walked out of the room.

"Let's get it on my bed" Said Valentina

"Of course" the lady said

"Call me your grace" Valentina said

They sat down on the bed.

"I am Princess Rosalina but my elder sister was crowned princess and I want to take over your kingdom. Will you help me?" asked Trista holding her hand out ✋

"Of course I will and call me Tina" said Valentina taking Trista's ✋

A purple aurora surrounded Valentina her eyes turned purple her dress turned pink.

"Welcome to the evil world Tina" Trista said as Valentina landed.

"I am gonna ask everybody in the palace a holiday for a month and I will ask mama, papa, Abuelo and Abuela to go for a vacation," Valentina said

"And on your coronation on becoming official princess had me over the crown, now show me a picture of it now"
Trista said

"This is it Trista" she said showing Trista an image of a crown

"Now since that is out of the way, who is Mariana?" Trista Asked

"Mariana is the leader of the royal guards" Valentina said