Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Little House in the Big Woods - Book Review

It's a fiction written by Laura Ingalls Wilder but it's mentioned that it's a story from the olden days. When we looked up in Goodreads for the best books for eight year olds, we found a book titled "The Little House on the Prairie" on the top of the list. We realised that it's the second book in this series and the first book is this one - "The Little House in the Big Woods" so went ahead and bought this one first.

The book was about a family which lived in the Wisconsin woods. There was baby Carrie, a little girl named Laura and a bigger girl that was Mary. Laura and Mary called their father Pa and Mother Ma. Most of the relatives also live in the woods.

Every winter and autumn, Pa goes hunting and every spring and summer, Pa, Ma, and the children go to grandpa’s house and Pa goes with Uncle Henry, Uncle George and Grandpa to collect tree sap. Grandpa's house deeper in the Wisconsin woods. So Pa and Ma go there very rarely. In spring time, Ma and her two sisters decide to throw a feast. They pick all the fresh fruits and vegetables from Grandma's garden. When sugar snow comes, Grandma heats up the tree sap which Uncle George, Uncle Henry, Pa and Grandpa have collected throughout the year. The children take a bit of snow and put it on their plates. When Grandma pours tree sap on the snow, it becomes tree sap candy. The story goes on like this.

My favourite characters were Ma and Mary. Because they are exemplary and ultimate entertainers for myself. They did their job perfectly. From this book, I have learnt whether I live in a forest or a house I can live happily as life goes on. I meant to say you can live merrily and cheerfully wherever you are.

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