Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Geronimo Stilton and the Kingdom of Fantasy - Book Review

This book is written by a mouse called Geronimo Stilton, born in New Mouse City, in Mouse Land. This book is very interesting. It includes riddles, maps, secret codes, bright colorful pictures and very nice recipes to cook. Whether I read it in day or night, in light or dark, its colors are bright. I very much enjoyed this book.

It is about Geronimo's great adventure to the Kingdom of Fantasy. The day Geronimo got a letter from the fairy queen Blossom for help, he couldn't understand a word because it was written in the fantasian alphabet. This includes one of the secret codes in the book.

This kingdom is very far, you have to cross six kingdoms to get to the kingdom of the fairies, altogether the seven kingdoms and many other gigantic places form the Kingdom of Fantasy. Geronimo found a golden staircase at his attic. He had to pass the kingdom of witches, mermaids, dragons, pixies, gnomes, giants and at last the Kingdom of Fairies. But first of all he met a frog who was so silly that told Geronimo was a brave knight. He was a scribbling frog.

He scribbled in his notebook, "Through the golden door came a knight and shining armor, Sir. Geronimo of Stilton. He was tall, handsome and mighty with proud blue eyes and radiant blond fur. He was wearing a silver armor, which glimmered in the light of the moon. And his sword was so radiant".

Geronimo said, "I didn't have a radiant blond fur and I wasn't a knight. And first of all I was a scaredy mouse. And why did the queen ask me to help her?"

Scribble hopper asked Geronimo ferociously, "Now, are you going to save the queen or not?"

Geronimo said, "I am not a knight and I don't want to save a queen".

Geronimo turned back and went through the golden door but one by one the golden stairs disappeared. So he had to help the queen. Passing the six kingdoms when he went to the witches' castle, the fortress of fear, Geronimo saw a bunch of stinky feet. When he went to the mermaids, they treated him well and he could breathe under water. In the dragon's kingdom the dragons were very mean to him and the kingdom was filled with smoke. Ew! The pixies were troublemakers and changed their names every day. The giants' kingdom was very cold. Princess Scatterbrain (a friend who helped him in the kingdom of dragons is a dragon herself) couldn't breathe fire for one whole day because of the kingdom of giants. In the kingdom of the trolls they troubled them a lot. They were the servants of the witches. At last they were at the fairies after crossing the gnomes.

He served queen Blossom of the fairies well for a month. But he had to go home to New Mouse City. He said goodbye to all his friends and promised them that he would come back soon. He wrote a book about his adventure.

I appreciate Geronimo's work. If you would like you can read the book. I was impressed by the riddles, maps and secret codes. Please tell me how you felt about the book after reading it.

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