Saturday, 22 August 2015

My Magical Conversation with the Solar System

My dad asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. He gave me two options. He asked me if I wanted to go to our favorite temple in Hosur or an orphanage in Bangalore to celebrate my birthday. I liked both the options but I had another wish, too. I wanted to go around the universe and have conversation with all the planets.

The universe is full of exciting things. One of those exciting things is the “Solar System”. To me, the Solar System looks like a family and the Sun is the head of the family.

I told my family and relatives to come along with me. I am excited to meet the members of the “Solar” family. Would you like to join me during my journey? Please come. Let’s go and meet them.

First let’s meet the Sun. He is the head of the family, right?!

I first spoke to the Sun, “Hello Mr. Sun, I am Anjana from Bangalore. I would like to meet all your family members and have a conversation with each one of them. Can you please introduce yourself and your family members to us?”

The Sun nodded its head and said to me, “Sure, Anjana. Thanks for visiting us today. I am Sun. I am a big burning ball of fire. People think I am alone but that’s not right.  I am not alone. Just like you, I have a family too. My family and I together are called the ‘Solar System’. Let me introduce my family of eight planets to you, friends. The first member of our family is Mercury. Next is, Venus. After that, you can see we have Earth where you live. And then, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Each of my family members will talk to you about themselves. They are excited to meet you too.” 

I said, “Thank you, Sun” and turned towards Mercury. Mercury talked about itself, “Hello Anjana, I am Mercury, the first member of the solar system. I am very close to my dad. I don’t have any moons. I am the smallest planet of the family. Now I am going to call my sister and neighbor Venus!” and called Venus. 

I said to Mercury, “Thank you!” and looked at Venus.

 Venus talked about itself, “Hello Anjana, I am Venus, the second member of the solar system. I am the hottest planet of the family. I don’t have any moons like my brother and neighbor Mercury. I am a neighbor of Earth as well. Now it’s Earth’s turn to talk about itself!” and looked at Earth. 

I said to Venus, “Amazing fact!” and turned towards Earth too.

 Earth talked about itself, “Hello Anjana, I am Earth. You all know me because you live on me. Nice meeting you along with my family members. If you don’t mind, please listen to my advice for a minute. You shouldn’t pollute me. You should be polite to me. Because, I don’t like being polluted and abused like this. I am tired of being polluted. Not just you, please stop others also from doing this to me. I am also called the blue planet because I have a lot of water on my surface. Let me call my neighbor Mars now.”  

I said to Earth, “I am so sorry, Earth. I will be careful from now onwards. I will advise my friends also!” and looked at Mars.

 Mars talked about itself, “Hello Anjana, I am Mars. I am the fourth planet of the solar system. I am also called the red planet because I am filled with red rocks. Next, my neighbor Jupiter is the biggest planet of all. Let me call him for a conversation with you!” and waved its hand at Jupiter.

I said to Mars, “I am excited to talk with Jupiter because my house name is Jupiter in my school!” and gave a friendly smile to Jupiter. 

Jupiter also smiled at me and talked about itself, “As my brother and neighbor Mars told you, I am the biggest planet of the solar system. I am filled with gas so no one can step on me. Even my sister and neighbor Saturn is a gas planet just like me. I hope you want to have a conversation with him too. Bye!” and invited Saturn.

I said to Jupiter, “I would really like to explore you but you are full of gas so I am not sure if I could do that!” and turned towards Saturn.

 Saturn talked about itself, “Hello Anjana, I am Saturn. I am a beautiful planet because of my rings. My rings are made out of ice particles and so most of the people like me. And, as Jupiter told you, I am also a gas planet. Now, talk with Uranus. He likes to talk a lot!” and called Uranus.

I said to Saturn, “Thank you, Saturn. You are my favorite planet!” and looked at Uranus.

 Uranus talked about itself, “Hello Anjana, I am Uranus. Most people think I have rings around me. Yes, I do. But, they are very light. So no one can see them. I love to talk. How about you?” and looked into my eyes. 

I smiled and said to Uranus, “Even I like to talk, Uranus. So, are there any other planets?”

 Uranus told me: “Yes, there is one more planet to talk to you. He has been waiting for a long time. Go on. Talk to him!” and left way for Neptune.

 Unlike other planets, Neptune stayed little away from me and talked about itself, “Hello Anjana, I have been waiting for you for long time. I have had many conversations with many other people. If you want to know more about me, let me talk about myself now. I am the last planet of the solar system. Because I am so far away from my dad, Mr. Sun, I am very cold. You cannot stay on me. On Earth, plants, people, animals and many more creatures live but it’s not the same with me. I don’t have any warmth so you can look at me from far but don’t come near me, please!”

I said to Neptune, “Sure, Neptune. Thanks for letting us know this. We won’t live on you. But see you soon. Goodbye!” and came back to Sun.

Sun asked me, “How did you like your journey?”

I said to the sun, “Dear Sun, thank you for inviting me. I had a good time learning new things about your family – the solar system. I would like to come again when I am free. This is like a magical dream. I like you and your family, dear Sun. Now, I have to return to Earth. I will come often here to play with you and your family. Bye! Thank you, dear Sun. I would magically appear every time when I am free. Bye!”

I said to dad, "Thank you a lot. I loved the Sun and its family!"

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